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Our Showroom

At Holt Motorsports we know only Porsche and we cater to the enthusiast who knows that he or she only wants a Porsche. Although we sell Ferrari and BMW as well, we inventory mostly excellent condition Porsche 911's.

I have owned virtually every street 911 built since 1965 and it has been a wonderful experience to see and hear the car change. Our business is unique in size and design.

We prefer to deal face to face with our buyers but we do sell to all points in North America and Europe via a phone conversation. All of our cars are kept inside and clean for your inspection. We usually have a 30-40 car inventory depending on the time of year.

Before being offered for sale, our cars are inspected in our shop facility before going into our showroom. Details such as brakes, wipers, tires, alignment, etc. are all addressed.

We don't buy many of the "used cars" that are available to the dealer trade. We do not want most of them.

When you are ready to sell the Porsche you bought from Holt Motorsports, Inc. please let us know. We want it back!