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About Holt Motorsports

In 2013, Holt Motorsports Inc. will celebrate our 15th year in our West Chester, PA. location.

Since opening our doors in 1998 we have sold over 1000 Porsche 911's out of this location alone!

Much has changed in the Porsche world in the last 10 years.

Call us and stay tuned for the video of our Nurburgring, Nordschleife, Germany trip with the 650 HP 996 Turbo and the Watkins Glen Club Race.

Holt Motorsports Mission Statement
At Holt Motorsports, Inc. our goal is to provide our customers with the finest selection of pre-owned Porsche cars for your maximum driving enjoyment. Our "after-sale" support will ensure our customers that our experience is at their fingertips. We continue to consult our customers on service, parts prices, values and performance upgrades.

The styling, the sound and the performance of the Porsche 911 greatly affected me in 1973 when I was spending a month in Southern California. Porsche 911's were everywhere! I came home and purchased my first 911 (at 17 years old) and despite my muscle car friends, I kept that car in lieu of the American V-8's.

It was stylish, unique and handled better than the cars my friends had. It was a 1969 911T coupe that was in great shape!

Our family had Ferrari's, Lambo's, Jags in our stable but never a Porsche. The trend was set. Now I needed an "S" or an "SC" or a Turbo, you know.....

Many, many 911's later, I opened my garage to the public, left the family business and became a licensed dealer and opened an exotic automobile sales and service facility in Pennsauken, NJ - Holt Motorcars, Inc. We had a 15,000 square foot facility that employed 18 full-time, factory trained Ferrari, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz technicians. We were awarded the PORSCHE KREMER RACING FRANCHISE in 1988 and we built numerous Kremer cars offering 911's with up to 575 bhp. We sold many Porsche and Ferrari cars as well as BBS, Bosch and AMG components. We sold over 1,000 Porsche 911's and serviced many more between 1982 and 1991. I relocated my business to PA in the 90's and now we operate in West Chester, PA.

Team Holt Motorsports
If there's a Porsche on the grid chances are the competition has a battle on their hands.

In 1971 I was a guest in the Ferrari 512M pits at the 24 hours of Daytona. Next to us were the mighty Porsche 917K's. Those guys were modern day gladiators!!

At 230 MPH Donahue and Rodriguez fought through the night. The speed and reliability of the Porsche put them on the podium. Not much has changed in 37 years.

It's no wonder that Porsche street cars are so at home on the racetracks of the world.

I have been fortunate enough to own and race Porsche cars on both an amateur and professional level at places like the Daytona 24 hours, Mid Ohio, Sebring, Watkins Glen, Limerock Park and Road Atlanta. There is nothing like the confidence level you have behind the wheel of a Porsche racecar.

In addition to Porsche racecars, I have run SCCA Formula Atlantic, F-2000 and S-2000. The current car we run is a 2004 Porsche GT3 with extensive track preparation.

Our experience with Porsche racecars is available to assist our customers by way of introducing them into the world of high speed track driving.

There are various venues that beginners can use such as the PCA Drivers Education classes at your local track. With a qualified instructor you will develop car control skills that will allow you to enjoy your Porsche even more.

We can then introduce you to chassis tuning and other modifications that will enhance the balance and responsiveness of your car.

Be careful though it's addicting!!

Porsche Experience
My Porsche street and racecars have always been reliable and very exciting to drive. Naturally, the experience is different as you go from one series to another, from water cooled to air cooled, from two wheel drive to four wheel drive, from normal aspiration to Turbo enhanced it's all different. At Holt Motorsports we don't just advertise the cars and hope you know the difference. We tell you the difference.

We will guide you through the various years of manufacture to help you get the most for your investment.

The pre-owned Porsche marketplace reflects that same varieties of condition as the pre-owned motorcycle, boat and RV marketplace. Many examples are heavily abused and not what you want in your garage.

That's when we come in.

There's a reason we sell over 100 Porsche's a year. We provide the experience to sell you the best the market has to offer.

Every car we sell goes through our shop and is test driven by me, Tim Holt. We endeavor to sell the best versions that Porsche offered from 1965 to present. We can also assist in appraisals, inspections, insurance and leasing of your next Porsche.

In short, we buy and sell these wonderful cars on a regular basis.

Our passion is Porsche.

Good Driving,
Tim Holt, President