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1973 Porsche Carrera RS Touring Tribute

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1973 Carrera RS Recreation"TRIBUTE".... A faithful reproduction of the 73 Lightweight Carrera RS ( 73 Carrera RS thought to be one of the best RS cars Porsche ever made due to its superb balance and power to weight).

This example was built from an excellent, rust free 73 911 T non sunroof tub by Porsche National Award winner Creative Chaos LLC. Its builder searched extensively for a rust free tub and used NEW fenders and doors to

so as to have as close to perfect panel finish with NO body filler of any kind.

This spectacular 73 911 is finished in Light yellow over black and IS NOT a 'BACKDATE' of an impact bumper car but build from the much LIGHTER 73 911 coupe.

This 73 has just has recently had an additional $ 30, 000 spent on it.

Currently, it would cost $ 250K + to build this car to this level.


It is a joy to drive....very agile, light and quick and sounds fabulous with MFI injection.

This RS Tribute was painstakingly assembled with the intention of creating a car as close to the original as possible. RS inner door panels, Lightweight Carpet set, RS Carrera Script and paint line on bumpers, COA for 73 911 coupe. Fitted with a 2.7 Liter (MFI) Mechanical Fuel Injected Bosch motor, cams, pistons, etc.

The matching 915 Transaxle ( Quaife Limited Slip Differential) also performs flawlessly. To the best of our knowledge the gearing is slightly shorter but not documented. Also, show level 15" Fuchs Alloys (7+8) Wheels, Sport seats, rear Flares in metal, Front and rear Glass bumpers, mirrors, RS specs.

A 'period' correct rear RS DuckTail * Steel frame with glass mounted Duck Tail ( as in the original 73 911 RS) front mouthed Oil cooler, RSR dual master cylinders, Front Aluminum Cross member, RS Brake calipers, Turbo Tie rods, Aluminum Trailing arms with Adj. Plates, RS Torsion bars, GTS Classic Leather Sport Seats, Clock, Glove box delete ( same as 73 RS)

2, 140 LBS. Detailed photos of the build from bare tub to paint and interior, suspension, motor etc.

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Carrera RS Touring Tribute
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Light Yellow
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